In Which I Envy Oprah….

Snow Cows
Oprah? Does she have grass?

There are so many great things about Oprah’s life, who wouldn’t want to be her, yes?

I’d love to visit Tom Cruise’s private Colorado retreat, have Art Smith as my personal chef and private study with Echart Tolle.  The fame, the A list schmoozing, the riches, the wardrobe, the stylists and assistants, the jet, the travel, the homes, the personal trainer, my own magazine, my own network, all very nice.

But that’s not it.  The reason I envy Oprah is that I love to give things away.  I wish I could  give people trips to Australia, new cars and all my favorite things.  I wish I could start a school that will provide a life changing opportunity for young people.  How great to have created something like the Angel Network awarding grants and financial support to people doing paradigm shifting projects? THAT’s the best part of being Oprah.

Oprah is a force of hope and encouragement and for that I admire her. Now, we all know I’m not Oprah nor do I have a budget like Harpo.  But it’s still fun for me to share what  small gifts I can, especially in this holiday season.

So many times it’s the smaller things that bring real enjoyment to our everyday routine.  My favorite sheets, fresh from the laundry, an awesome pair of socks, a clean car, a cup of home-made hot chocolate (with real milk, puh-leeze) topped with real whipped cream….

This CD has been one of those small everyday treats  for me, and I’m pleased to share it with you.  I have to confess that although it is a Christmas album, it is so soothing I listen to it all year round.  Plus,  you  know how much I love to support local, indie businesses and projects – this is not a mass produced hit machine holiday extravaganza.

This is something authentic and special, a from the heart CD produced by a mother, Pat Humphrey, with her daughters Lynn and Amy.  They have been singing together for over three decades, just for the joy of it. It is so fortunate for us that they decided to record these old carols from around the world, with angelic, ancient harmonies.

May this bring the wonder of the holiday season from our barn to your home! Click the arrow below to begin listening or click on the title to visit The Rosa Minstrels site to learn more. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

Bill & Jackie Dietrich &                                                                                                                    The Ladies of  Auburn Meadow Farm

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