In Which We Say Hello!

Welcome Little Guy!

Bright eyed, bushy-tailed, our new little surprise was already quietly curled up in a corner while his mother waited for her breakfast.

Molly was pretty patient considering.  We missed the entire event – she had delivered quietly, cleaned the baby, fed him and cleaned up.  All she wanted from us was room service already.

Molly is an unusual cow.  She’s a big girl with a big personality.  She was born on a farm that handled the cows very little.  Since we want to milk our cows, we handle them much more than Molly was used to.  I have no silly delusions that we will ever be milking Molly – she’s been having it her way for much too long.  But she has been a pretty good sport overall.

She has embraced coming in and going out for meals. She enjoys a fluffy straw bed for herself and her baby.  She’s used to us now, and has decided that, while there will be no petting of Molly, in due time, I may pet her baby (if the baby wants) and I may serve her immediately.  And tell Molly often how fabulous she is; she likes that.

Hodil, The Little Engine That Could

Molly expects me to follow after her and help guide her baby in and out, fluff the beds at least once a day, serve her with plenty of soft hay and make sure she has lots of water, no please or thank you about it. While she isn’t exactly bossy, she has perfected her queenly airs.  Using her horns like antenna, she points them at whatever offense she wishes me to correct, then looks at me, then back to the offending item again.  Funny girl.

She still looks like she’s ready to burst – I hate to tell her a diet may be in her future.  She doesn’t follow People magazine so she doesn’t know about the race to lose baby weight. Molly prefers to wear hers with pride.

Molly's on the Job

I don’t want to fail to mention our First Time Dad Hodil.  Hodil wasn’t available for comments this morning – a fresh delivery of hay required his full attention. All I can say is that this baby is living proof that Hodil is the Little Engine That Could.

I won’t go into the dirty details, but Molly is intimidating to say the least.  Despite Hodil’s youth and inexperience, he obviously wasted no time and did not give up when the going got tough.

Thanks Molly and Hodil,  for a job well done.

He’s a beauty.

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