In Which We Whine: Enough Already!

Hey! Where Is She??
Hey! Where Is She??

My heart was leaping with joy even as my head knew it probably wasn’t so. Last week’s balmy weather was never more desperately awaited – I so wanted to believe.

But, alas.  Just when I start to relax and enjoy my good fortune, BAM!  Another slap of winter to my wind-burned face.


Our newbies just can’t figure out what’s going on – they don’t all have their hidey holes picked out yet.  Except for one, the newest little girl.

You know there’s gotta be one in every crowd;  the one who marches to his/her own quirky drum.

At the tail end of this little lady’s first 24 hours, I went for a check. Everyone was napping in the sun (a mere day ago), no fussy Mommys or signs of anything amiss.

Good Moms Make Everything Better.  Thank Goodness Bling's a Great Mom!
Good Moms Make Everything Better. Thank Goodness Bling’s a Great Mom!

Except, I counted heads again and again, and kept coming up one short. Bling was clearly without her calf but did not seem at all concerned. Now, Bling being the clown she is, I didn’t know what to make of it.  There’s no telling what kind of maternal instincts a girl this goofy will have.

Glad I brought some hay, because when I went to throw some in the ring, look what I found:

Fluffiest Bed In the House

Hope nobody’s hungry!

4 thoughts on “In Which We Whine: Enough Already!

  1. That’s exactly where I’d want to be, too–in a sunny pile of fluffy, delicious hay. I’d say she’s showing early signs of being a very clever lady!

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