In which we tell a charcutepaloozian tale: on two pork butts in three parts

Part three: what we ate, how we ate it and an undisputed winner:

Lamppost Farm Heritage Breed Pastured Pork

Conventionally Raised Pork

Dried green bean varieties from last summer’s garden. May be even better dried…

Baked Beans spooned over cornbread with raw Bermuda onion and a big slice of tomato

Hot Milk Cake with Home-made Plum Jam Filling – Try it in a Bowl with Milk!


There’s More:  Monday, we made the pork leftovers into pulled pork by putting the leftover roast in a gratin dish, adding ½ cup of water, covering tightly with foil and baking in a 250° oven for 4 hours.  I then shredded the meat, sprinkled with malt vinegar and a tiny bit of Stubb’s Original BBQ sauce.

We had soft tacos Monday with this gorgeous pulled pork, mixed greens, leftover beans and salsa made from last years’ roasted corn relish, chopped & drained canned tomatoes, chopped Bermuda onion, chopped cilantro, fresh lemon juice and kosher salt.  Chipolte who??

xxLordy, lordy, Carolina-style pulled pork xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and those tacos….

And even more:

  1. The fat from my Hereford/Berkshire roast is waiting to be rendered
  2. The fat from my smoking drip pan is neatly saved into a jar waiting to sauté my onions & garlic for risotto later.

The Recipes:

And, our Uncontested Pork Butt Winner:

I’m sure you could see this coming a mile away, but while both roasts were enjoyed, the Lamppost Roast really was in a league of its own. The only advantage I can see with the confinement raised pork was the price.  The price per pound of the heritage breed roast was a little less than twice that of the conventional.

However, when I factor back in the smoky rendered cooking grease I saved from the pastured pork, the gap  narrows again. The conventional pork was tougher in texture and less flavorful, although after braising for four hours (following a 3+ hour smoking), the difference was harder to appreciate.

Go Lamppost Farm! With all our newfound skills, we’re signing up for half a pig asap!

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3 thoughts on “In which we tell a charcutepaloozian tale: on two pork butts in three parts

  1. What a fantastic series of posts! I really love & appreciate the time you took to tell a good, tasty, and important story. And holy wow I want that Milk Cake recipe :-)

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your input! I’m very proud of my newfound ability to post printable recipes – the link is in the post
      ( unless I screwed it up somehow :0 )

      I can’t wait to read what you’re been up to….

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