In which we laugh out loud: it’s a silly stampede!

One of the steer peeping from the tall grass to see if the coast is clear

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to watch cows run.  It’s one of those things, like jumping on a trampoline, that just cannot fail to make you smile.

A bit of trivia: Milking Devons are the fastest walking breed of cow.  The Ladies (and gentlemen) have a peppy walk punctuated by a swing and snap of the head with each step.  It’s very distinctive and entertaining.

Bling is a trusting girl; I can always count on her to follow my lead

And when they run,  their crooked, head shaking goofiness topped with that heavy crown of horns is something I can never really convey with words. It’s the bovine equivalent of a bounding, tongue lolling Labrador puppy.

Our herd is calm and quiet, and my chores are often repetitive, so a little sassy action from the cows can brighten my day.

Recently we opened up a new pasture

Cows scattering left and right.....

for the Ladies and Bill fitted a dug well with a pitcher pump so I can fill their water trough. The black plastic trough was their same old, familiar trough, but the pump and well are all new to the girls.  Everything was going well with the introduction, but with cows, it only takes one quirky event to jam up the whole works.  My mistake – I foolishly pumped water into the trough as the cows were watching and things just unraveled from there.

Bling helps me out and comes back for a second sniff - everyone else is long gone

Cows scattered and crashed through the tall grass and trees, heads bobbing, tails flagging and getting more and more excited as they went.  You really have to see just how silly these girls are as they stampede and they’re still young, happy and frisky enough to want to on occasion.  Most of the cows thought this was a pretty fun new game and spirits remained high all morning.  Why, oh why haven’t I learned yet how to use the video part of my camera???

It took a few days for everyone to start to visit the new trough regularly, but the novelty seems to be gone.  No one pays the new set up any mind and it’s been incorporated into the daily routine.  I know they’re drinking plenty from the trough now because I have to refill it by hand, stroke by stroke.

If you’ve followed this blog you’ll know I’m a fan of human-powered gadgets.  So yes, filling the trough will raise your heartrate, and no, you’ll hear no complaints from me. Who needs the gym when you have a herd of silly cows?

Note to self: be sure to switch arms every 10 strokes to avoid ye old unsightly single Popeye bicep.

Big and scary I know; it's a monster pump! Eeek!

3 thoughts on “In which we laugh out loud: it’s a silly stampede!

  1. Yes, you really must play around with the video setting on your camera. But of course, they’ll never frolic and romp when you’re ready with the camera! Thanks for sharing the personality of your herd so eloquently. Very fun!

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