In which we are finally home

Like Blanche DuBois, we have been depending on the kindness of strangers for longer than we would have ever expected.  By that, I mean not owning a farm of our own.

But, last week our homeless status changed: we finally found and closed on the property that is now Auburn Meadow Farm.

Acres and acres of healthy meadow grasses to keep the Ladies fed all year 'round!

As we spend more and more time clearing pastures and making a home for the Ladies, new surprises and delights slowly reveal themselves.

Things like mulberries, blackberries, elderberries, crabapples, black walnuts and apples.

Our very own mulberries!

Acres and acres of tillable fields ready to make hay.

Faithful Blue rakes the hay into tidy, fluffy rows

Healthy soil, grass and hay with no fresh legacy of chemicals or pesticides.

What comfort a stocked larder brings! Our first crop of home-grown hay!

Lots of pasture and shady trees.

Good friends, spring grass & shady trees.... all a cow could wish for

Running streams & springs.

Running creek and bubbling springs; plenty of cold, clean water for thirsty cows

Shelter that while lacking beauty, is efficient and useful for the moment.

We won't be winning the Barn Beautiful award this year, but there's much to be said for the beauty of warm, dry, simple and functional....

I think the Ladies are pretty excited….

3 thoughts on “In which we are finally home

  1. What a beautiful farm you have! Godspeed to you and many wonderful years of health and happiness for all who relish in such tranquility -I’m officially jealous! ;-)
    Thank you for sharing, I’m sure the pictures don’t do it justice.

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