In which Bling is caught red hoofed

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Bling has a guilty pleasure.

Bling is a cow who came to us from West Virginia with her mother Bess, aunt Molly and half sister Femme. Her real name is Basil, which is a pretty great name, but we started calling her Bling because she was a standout; by far our fanciest, chubbiest heifer. The name just suited her so well it stuck.

Bling always had a little extra sparkle. She was a tough nut to crack for sure; she was definitely not going to have any touching or petting from us at first. She was skittish but not shy, and ultimately her hedonistic nature got the best of her.

Bling’s shamelessly trying to convince her favorite beau he should scratch her chin… she didn’t have to try very hard – he’s smitten with Bling too… 

You see, a firm chin scratch feels really good. As does a butt scratch and a back rub. Once Bling considered the pros and cons, she was ours. Now she’s almost a menace, a big goofy cow following you with her chin in the air hoping for a scratch. It’s actually pretty undignified in an endearing sort of way, and according to Bling’s independent aunt Molly, borders on embarrassing and shameless.

Although Bling’s pasture mates have since blossomed into beauties too, Bling is still a standout. Not a classic beauty, her cute build is solid and a bit chubby and very pleasing to the eye. Her dished face is a little shorter than most of the Ladies’ with large, liquid eyes and a crown of wide-set, super white horns with a rakish hook. She has a sassy, chin-up stance that makes her the focus  of every group photo. Her color is a brighter shade of red than most of the others too.

Bling’s favorite shady grove of apple trees

I am pretty thrilled about the fact that our new pastures have quite a few healthy apple trees. And, apparently, so is Bling.  I found Bling by herself in a grove of trees the other evening while everyone was grazing in a far off meadow.  This is a bit unusual, so I needed to know what was going on.  She didn’t come to see me like she usually does; she was very busy.

Busy stripping the leaves off the lower branches of the apple tree and eating the young fruit that had fallen to the ground.  Nose to the treetop, eyes closed with pleasure, it wasn’t hard to see how much she was enjoying her private moment of bliss.

She’s been sneaking off to visit the other apple trees too. We may need an intervention before it’s too late….

Hope she saves some for us!

4 thoughts on “In which Bling is caught red hoofed

  1. She sounds like a cutie. Funny nobody else has taken her cue on the apple trees. I love your colorful stories about your animals. They must adore you, with your constant doting!

    1. Bling is a cutie. Most of the cows like the apple trees, but none so much as Bling.
      I do watch them carefully, but stay out of their social circle. For me, the goal is for them to ignore my presence.

      Since I work alone so much, it helps to have tame cows who will follow me when I ask. The time I spend earning their trust is a good investment for me.

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