in which Saralee has a crush

Sweet Saralee's discovered the handsome Angus boys across the street...

Sweet Saralee. Sally’s daughter turned one year old late August. Saralee is an original and just a teeny bit sassier than her sisters Regina and Hannabelle.

Saralee was born almost exactly a month after Regina and Hannabelle. Since they had been the only girls in last year’s nursery, they were already bonded pretty tightly by the time Saralee showed up. But Saralee was hard to resist. Her sheer jubilant playfulness won Regina over first, then Hannabelle.

Lately, our quiet well behaved heifers have been restless. Needy. And noisy too.  It seems they have recently noticed the herd of fine Angus boys just across the street. While Regina and Hannabelle returned their attentions quickly back to more pressing matters of  juicy post-rain grass, Saralee has with great loyalty kept her solo vigil.

Oh Romeo, oh Romeo....

On the other side of the two lane country road, things are pretty much the same. While all the steer are interested in spurts, 1028 is truly stricken. He and Saralee declare their young love regularly from behind their restrictive fences on opposite sides of the road.

Saralee's attentive young beau 1028...

What do you get when you cross an Angus with a Devon? Well, everyone knows that; a Dangus silly!  Saralee and 1028 are plotting their union, but hopefully well-built fences and powerful electricity will keep their teenage longings at bay.

Frustrated teenage love... I'm tired just watching it from a distance!

We can’t be too hard on the young Romeo, Saralee is irresistible. We’re pretty charmed by her too. Thank goodness we aren’t teenagers anymore; it’s exhausting just watching!

Saralee is Sally's first calf. Just like her mother; Saralee's gentle charm is hard to resist.

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