in which we interrupt our usual Thursday programming…

I sure was hoping that this morning I could wade the frozen creek in a pair of floppy, over-sized men's wellies..

This is an interruption of my planned Thursday everything. This morning, I went extra early to check on the Ladies because I am officially on baby watch. Udders are swelling and tails are switching, so something is bound to happen soon.

A mysterious full moon still out as I hit my chores this clear chilly dawn - never loses its magic for me

The full moon & perfectly clear, starry sky were so exceptional last night. This morning it was dawn when I started out so I got to enjoy the crisp, sparkling early morning lunar show again. So luminous and big, so heavily round, still and magically ripe – is it a sign?? Well, apparently not. No babies this morning. The Ladies were all still in bed looking at me with sleepy, blinking eyes.

I think I’m starting to get on their nerves – they keep looking at each other and then back at me with that “What does she want now?” look. They say the least I could do is bring snacks next time….

I admit I’m a super-vigilant fence tester. At least twice a day I check all my fences. Even I think it may be excessive, but then I find something amiss and my obsessive behavior is reinforced. I figure it’s always less work to find out before the Ladies do, or even more importantly, before the bull.

Things seem strangely still; I check the box and sure enough, battery’s dead.  Since I know it was just freshly charged, something must be shorting the fence wires. So, off  I go inspecting every piece and corner of the fence. Is a branch touching the wire? Did a deer crash through? Did the stream wash over the bottom wire?  Nope, nope and no.  I’m really hoping all is good with the part that crosses the creek because that’s a bear to mess with and I really don’t feel like wading in the frozen creek before breakfast.

Of course, as soon as I had that thought, it was guaranteed.

That’s exactly where the fence was down. Why not last week when everything was warm and sunny? Who knows, but welcome to my world.  It’s cold; I’m glad I wore the long underwear, since now I have to get the tallest pair of boots I have – a pair of over-sized  men’s wellies – and go wading. The water is just a tiny bit lower than the tops of my boots, so if I screw up at all, I’ll have a boot full of frigid water. Not a nice way to start my day. I really wish I had eaten something warm  before I came – I’m hungry and this could take a while…

Gingerly I make my way into the creek with my axe, wire cutter & insulators.  The wire is underwater and frozen into the creek, so I have to use my axe to first chop a hole for me to stand in, and then chop a path to free the wire.

Carefully I chop my way across the ice to the downed wires

I’m doing my best CSI work and I cannot decide whether the wire was pushed OUT by the cows, or IN by the deer. The area is full of frozen footprints from both cow and deer and with the wire coiled up underwater, I can’t tell which way it went.

But I have my theory.

It’s her. I’m sure of it. H.O.N.E.Y. I told you how bold she was. With her new posse, Bess and Sass. Fanny stays out of it – she’s not an adventurous sort of girl.  Their first sunny day in this new pasture, I caught them exploring the creek. As far as I can tell, these three were the first to cross over and start to explore the tiny triangle on the other side.  Who was front and center? You guessed it – Honey.

I hustle the girls back over - Bess & Sass trot right back; Honey takes her sweet time
Honey giving the new fence job some serious contemplation. She's got a plan, I'm sure







Needless to say, that small part of fencing was not my best work and I immediately got my tools and re-worked it so they aren’t able to cross the creek.

Honey was not pleased and I’ve seen her giving the new fence job some very serious consideration. A few days ago, during evening bed check, I could hear the tell-tale popping sound of electric wire touching metal. Sure enough, it was my new wire crossing the creek. Someone twisted the wire so it was touching the metal fencepost. I must not have missed the event by long since the battery hadn’t been drained. Honey, Bess & Sass were innocently grazing nearby, pretending to take no notice of me.

Honey hiding behind her Mom? Puh-lease. Honey doesn't have a shy bone in her body.

Of course I’ll never know for sure. The fence is fixed, I’m cold but dry and I hope the culprit got a good hefty shock so she’ll think twice the next time.

And now, back to our regular programming….

4 thoughts on “in which we interrupt our usual Thursday programming…

  1. Dang fences. You oughta raise sheep. They have insulation, which makes them even more of a pain to keep in the fence.

    Nice work. Breakfast first from now on, though.

  2. Sounds like an interesting morning. We hope to have a milk cow one day but first we will have to put up the fence. You have to be on your toes to keep up with it all but it is worth it. Blessings!

    1. Thanks Brittany. Not sure interesting is the word I’d choose, but it’s always satisfying to make things better. I don’t know how on your toes you have to be, but taking good care of your cow sure will cure you of any procrastination habits you may have : )

      At least as related to your animals. The way I see it, checking the fence is a lot less work than rounding up a wayward herd…

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