Tired of new babies yet?

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Well hello, hel-lo.

Maybe this is losing it’s entertainment value for you, but if so, humor me. Like any new mom, I’ve got to get it out of my system. Late Thursday, then early Friday, the last of the first wave of calves was born.

Finally Zay-monster can stop hiding everyone else’s kid – Thursday night, she had her own. And has tucked him (yes, it’s a boy) into the brambles just like she did with little Beatrice.  Apparently that’s where Zay thinks babies belong…

Zay hides 'em good. I searched for a good 30 minutes till I found this lump. But Zay knew exactly where he was...

All afternoon & evening Thursday,  Femme had been standing near the fence which is a pretty predictable sign for her. And, sure enough, early Friday morning, sweet Femme had a little boy too.

Both new boys are tucked into the barn with their moms for a couple days of bonding before joining the gang.  Now I can relax a little and get to know these new little personalities.

Femme enjoys room service - showing the little fella what to do at the hay bale

xxxxxxxxFemme & her little one decided they’d rather play inside today

Our first, Suzette, is very ladylike and playful. And very happy to have playmates.  She doesn’t like to be dirty, which is kind of funny to watch especially since it’s mud season.  Molly’s Max is all boy, very handsome and just a little rowdy.

But so far my money is on Beatrice to be the one to give Honey a run for her money.

Bling & Beatrice... Silly mom, Silly daughter

Beatrice is not one bit shy and actually tries to get me to play with her.  Which is tempting today because she’s so very cute, but the day’s not far off when Beatrice will be a 700 pound porker like her sister Bess.  Then,  it won’t be a funny game at all… at least for me.

A couple more days of fence monitoring while everyone learns the important cow-life lesson of electric fencing, boundaries & consequences.  Then I can relax a bit ’till the next round.  Fenceline 101 is a trial and error system so the first couple days are full of surprises for all of us…

Total Count:  Boys: 3   Girls: 2

3 thoughts on “Tired of new babies yet?

  1. Thank you for that beautiful slice of life…kinda puts my human life in better perspective and makes me smile. I guess I wouldn’t mind running around the barn and hiding in the brambles…

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