State of the Freezer: Use it up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do Without

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Can’t imagine a prettier color filling…


I must say I’m a teeny bit disappointed.  Disappointed because not a single one of you asked about my rhubarb beet tart from St. Patrick’s Day.

Now I really, really need to know; did you not ask because you didn’t notice, or because it didn’t sound like anything you’d want to make?

In case your head has been under a rock, guess what? It’s spring.  Ready or not here it comes it seems. Grass is growing, trees are blooming, and new rhubarb is pushing its way up. I’m still not sure what to make of it, but I’m not being ungrateful or anything.

The fruit is macerated, the juice is strained, reduced & added to filling after baking


Obviously I’d better get a move on and empty the freezer of the remains of last summer’s stash so I’ll be ready for the new stuff soon to come. Some of my stash?

One pound of rhubarb nicely chopped & ready to go.  My plan was to make my favorite rhubarb tarts, but I find I’m 8 ounces short of rhubarb.  Conveniently, I have exactly 8 ounces of grated beets. Coincidence? I think not.

While the pies bake, the strained liquid is reduced to a thickened sauce


I followed the rhubarb tart recipe exactly except for the substitution of 8 ounces of beets for 8 ounces of rhubarb.  Then, instead of the vanilla, I used the zest from one orange.  The cinnamon I could go either way on – I added it this time, next time I think I’ll pass. But the orange was perfect.

the open crust allows the thickened sauce to be easily spooned in & i like the rustic look


It was a unique and serendipitous hit if I do say so myself; I highly recommend pie as a way to clean out that freezer. I have high hopes about this years’ garden… and the squash and pumpkin still waiting in the freezer.  With a little luck that freezer will be emptied & restocked in no time…

Are you getting excited for summer food projects?

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10 thoughts on “State of the Freezer: Use it up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do Without

  1. so excited for Spring/Summer food and house projects. I’m graduating University this week (thank GOD) and I can’t wait to have my time as my own. Hello canning and jamming and jarring and laying lazily in the sun with a bottle of wine and a book i can actually read FOR FUN!

    p.s beet and rhubarb tarts look sexy ;)

    1. Hey Kristy Lynn,
      Congratulations on graduation. I thought that meant the end of summer fun for you..

      I can’t remember the last time I was able to let myself get lost in a book…

      Looking forward to reading about your summer projects : )

  2. Yes, spring is here. My freezer has a few tidbits left to be used, too: pumpkin and pesto, mostly. I love your creative use of rhubarb and beets, together. It looks absolutely stunning; hope it was delicious, too. Your cooking inspires me!

    1. Thanks Eleanor. I’m pretty keen on adding root veggies to fruit fillings now. It cuts the sweetness and adds richness, but the flavor is all fruit. Much food for thought… You have to try pumpkin gnocci… My pesto wasn’t so hot last year. It was kind of bitter.

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