Is There Anything Nicer Than a Sleepy Sunday Morning?

Monday Moo-sings: In which we share random farm happenings, snapshots & recipes


If there is, I sure haven’t found it yet.  And nobody knows how to enjoy a beautiful day more than cows. If you’ve never seen pure contentment before, go find a herd of cows outside in a grassy field on a cool, dry, sunny day. Settle in and watch quietly. Cows have a lot to teach us all about pleasure and mindfulness.

Here’s how we spent our beautiful weekend:

the Herd Hard at work. It’s a Rough job, I honestly don’t know how they do it.

Bling needs a nap after a tough morning of stuffing herself.

How cute is this?? They’re even snoring…

What do cows dream about? I had to poke this one just to be sure

Awwww – he was just getting to the good part.  Sorry little Fritz, Go back to sleep…


Hope you all enjoyed a lovely and blessed Easter Sunday.

9 thoughts on “Is There Anything Nicer Than a Sleepy Sunday Morning?

      1. you are welcome, i miss being around domestic animals… photographs stir old memories. while going to school in Oklahoma, i was a guest on several ranches the families of some of the students owned… a ranch is Holcomb, Kansas was my favorite, with exception of rattle snakes :) the mirages were intriguing… grain elevators looked like aircraft. i even visited the farm Truman Capote made famous in his book, ‘In Cold Blood’. That was a sad story….

        i like your decision to move from the suburbia to your ranch/farm…and a great mission…

      2. I’ve never been out west & am really interested in the photos some of the cattle ranching bloggers post. Same business, different life. The mirages sound really amazing. Scenery like that could really inspire some powerful haikus!

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