don’t forget to savor them: little spring joys

This week was full of many light little things… the kind of things that fade away without noting, but the things that make this time of year so looked-forward to.


Last night was one of those special, restless, deliciously disturbing nights where the weather was perfect – breezy and cool and the moon a round, full plate of silvery enchantment.

The sun is amazing, but I’ve always been a moon kind of girl. Unlike sun’s obvious blaze, the moon has a mystery and magic; a cool, shimmering, unsettling kind of beauty. The kind that makes you just a little bit crazy…

Last night the moon was the biggest full moon of the year.  And with the still, clear, inky sky and perfect weather – pretty exceptional. I hope you made time to go out and moonbathe – a shame to sleep through such a treat.  If not, check out this slideshow from moonwatchers around the world – pretty cool stuff – thanks HuffPo.

I went to the garden about midnight and enjoyed the shivery magic. We should really spend more time outside at midnight… a whole other world by moonlight.

On Mud….

This summer weather is now starting to seem more normal to me, but my sense of timing is still off.  I’ve carefully started all my seedlings and am raring to get them in the ground, but prudence tells me to wait.  You know my friend Prudence don’t you? I’m really trying to be more like her these days…

We’re still so behind on rain here.  Be careful what you wish for, isn’t that what they say?  You know, THEM. They always have lots to say.  Anyway, all winter I whined about being tired of mud but I surely wouldn’t be so foolish as to complain about it today.

You say you don’t remember my whining? That’s really kind of you, but I know it’s true. Three of my recent whiny laments:

in which we enjoy an ode to joy

in which we aren’t ready

in which we say blah humbug

A few more firsts:

Fresh from the Garden Asparagus! Two ways!


My first Rhubarb!


Peonies soon – see the ants at work? I look forward to peonies all year…


Lazy Ladies……….                                     xxxxxx  and Men……

Remember in the winter how the Ladies wouldn’t go into the barn?  Well, annoyingly, now that it’s summer they want in all the time. It may not be beautiful on the outside, but it gets a great cross breeze and the Ladies have found a real fondness for their new digs.

The men on the other hand prefer this grove of shady trees to their barn.

And a bit of a disappointment : (

You didn’t forget my entry into the New York Times Essay Contest did you? Well, you won’t be reading it in the New York Times because we didn’t win.  But I’m still feeling good about our effort and really enjoyed the winning essay. Here’s a link to the winning essay & finalists if you’d like to see what you think. Good reading all. Not to worry, our spirits are undaunted and we live to submit another day.

What small events marked your week?

7 thoughts on “don’t forget to savor them: little spring joys

  1. This is such a season of everything bursting forth at once—it’s almost hard to keep up! One of my strategies for keeping up, at least in the flower realm, is to pick a vase of whatever is blooming every few days. Right now, in my garden, that’s at least two dozen things. It’s impossible to express my appreciation for this bounty of beauty. The moon was beautiful indeed this weekend. It’s a good reminder, like you said, to enjoy all parts of the day…just step outside and take it in! I’m sorry about the NYT contest, but have so much admiration for you for entering. It was a superb essay!

    1. Sounds like you’re more ambitious than I am in the flower department. As much as I love them,
      I can hardly keep up with the vegetables & preserving so flowers tend to get a pass.

      Thanks for the kind words about the essay – I think I tend to be light on facts and heavy on art : )

      Glad you enjoyed the moon.

      1. No, I’m not ambitious. I’ve just accumulated a lot over time. Right now, my vase is bursting with lots of woody-stemmed flowers from trees and shrubs (viburnums, azaleas, dogwoods, lilacs, etc. I’ll pick anything for a lovely inside vase of blooms.

    1. I lived in Florida for a while and never did get used to the difference in the plant life. I really missed the smell of Pennsylvania spring soil and our more tender flowers & grass.

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