who needs the new york times when you can have culture?

OK, not to go on and on about this or anything, but you remember I entered the New York Times Essay contest, right? Well I had also begged to be let in entered another pretty exciting contest, and guess what? This time I won!  Well, not JUST me, but still!  I’m in! And this time, there’s a tangible, tasty reward for my effort.  Who needs the New York Times anyway? They don’t send treats or anything…

My crush on Andy and Mateo Kehlor of Jasper Hill Farm started long ago after listening to an interview they did with Michael Claypool and Sasha Davies of Cheese By Hand.  I so loved that project and really, really, really miss the podcasts.  Do check it out  – you have to take the time to listen to the interview and I dare you to tell me  you don’t have a crush on the Kehlors too.

And if you are any kind of real cheese lover, you are surely familiar with the ultimate in cheese pr0n, Culture Magazine. Always an inspiration, Culture is the word on hand crafted truly artisanal cheese and a treat to look forward to. If only they could make the pages lick and taste, kind of like scratch and sniff 2.0….


Listen to this: Culture has teamed up with Jasper Hill to help birth their newest cheese. And I get to help! Pretty exciting, right??

What happens is this: A box containing a cheese that can be purchased at no store anywhere is mailed to my house (I KNOW – I can hardly stand the anticipation).  The box includes instructions for the mission which is tasting the cheese, taking careful notes and writing about it.

The posts will appear on Culture’s site but don’t worry;  I’ll be sure to direct you there when it happens.

Over the course of the year, several versions of the cheese will be sampled by the panel until the final recipe is selected to become the newest addition to the Jasper Hill lineup.

I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled the Ladies are…..

can’t you see the excitement??


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