great expectations: sweet beautiful milk can do no wrong

Today is my first post for Culture Magazine’s Birth of a Cheese project with Jasper Hill Farm. It was great fun and I’m very excited about it: come on over & check it out!

Me and who else? It’s Beatrice!


15 thoughts on “great expectations: sweet beautiful milk can do no wrong

  1. Love your essay–congrats on winning the contest!!
    Speaking of prizes, you have just been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award (see If you wish to accept the award (which can really help to generate readership for your blog and blogs you love), just: post the image of the award, which you can copy and paste from my blog, onto a post in which you thank the nominator (me) and post a link to her (my) blog, and then nominate 5 other blogs you would like to see win the award. Post links to them in your blog, and then notify them that they have received the award and what they need to do to pass it on.

    Love to you and your lovely, lovely cows!! Angela

    1. Thanks Angela, that’s very kind of you. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve fallen a bit behind on the award posts – I so greatly appreciate it, and I will get to it soon.

  2. Fun cheese article, Jackie. I’ll be heading up to Vermont to Jasper Hill Farm’s neighborhood in a couple of days. I usually go quite cheesy up there….just so much to choose from, all good. I have intentions of holding back a little this time. We’ll see. That slaw and sandwich look and sound just perfect.

  3. Reading your cheese review was a lot of fun, and it was well written.
    I loved the “Cat Butt” name, and your Ayrdale at the table!

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