in which we’re pining for apples

this year’s apple crop – hope you’re not hungry…


If you recall, last year we started becoming better acquainted with all the unique treats this particular piece of land we call Auburn Meadow Farm has to offer.

Don’t remember? Here’s a quick recap in case you want to check it out:

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in which we can’t stop thinking about apples

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We enjoyed an abundance of mulberry tarts, dandelion greens, raspberries and blackberries, elderberries, hawthorne berries, walnuts and crabapples.  But most of all, everyone both two-legged and four enjoyed the apples.

Sadly, this year, there are no apples or crabapples. Not–a- single-one; nary an apple to be found.

I  know our spring was unbelievably mild and summer came confusingly early. What I don’t remember is exactly which week turned cold just as the apples and crabapples were in full bloom.

I really need to be writing down the weather and it’s particular challenges. You think you’ll remember, but one week flows into another and before you know it, another year has passed.

look close – they’re in there hoovering up any windfall apples they can find


So this summer, my apple crop does not exist. There are no cows trawling the apple trees, no growling or sneaking about for the Ladies this year.

Thank goodness they don’t seem to remember so at least I have no moping or whining either.  I’m a sucker for that stuff and I”m pretty sure they know it.

I do have plenty of beets and pumpkins and hopefully they’ll be just as happy with those, but the cows do enjoy a good self-serve apple bar with their tree limb back scratch.  Maybe next year we’ll have a bumper crop….

freshly picked hawthorne berries ready to be made into ketchup


What I do have plenty of is Hawthorne. The Hawthorne blooms later than the crabapple and apple trees, end this year enjoyed perfect conditions with no frosty interruptions. And don’t I know it – I discovered I am allergic to Hawthorne blossoms and sniffled, cried and sneezed ‘till the stupid trees were finished blooming.

Oh sure, last year I discovered the many uses for Hawthorne – previously I had believed they were only good for scratching out eyes and puncturing tractor tires. But after a recent visit to the East End Food Cooperative, maybe I need to amp up my appreciation for Hawthorne even more – at these prices, they may be my surprise mortgage lifting cash crop.

Now, how does one go about harvesting and seeding these pernicious fruits….


4 thoughts on “in which we’re pining for apples

  1. Our hawthorn berries (we just call them haws over here – as in hips & haws) have an enormous stone with little flesh. Good luck if you’re going to destone them. I wonder why they’re good for hearts.

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