some cat…

You remember Cat don’t you?

Well, he magically appeared one day when we were working on fences.  He jumped right into the job and wasn’t taking no for an answer. He decided he was staying whether we wanted him or not.

From the start, I thought he was a little unusual, but as he’s getting older, just how unusual is being revealed.

Cat squeezes every scrap of enjoyment from life. He makes friends easily and does not discriminate. He’s smart, independent and entertaining. He expects the best from life, and so far his strategy seems to be working.  Even Ellis the Destroyer can’t find a single reason to dislike Cat.

And, Cat loves farm chores.  He waits by the gate every morning for breakfast, then he likes to ride along for watering rounds.  He’s happy riding wagons, tractors and four-wheelers securing himself by snuggling  tightly into your lap, completely relaxed and taking in the scenery.

He enjoys working in the barn, fixing fencing and garden chores are his favorite. He comes along  for mechanical chores like weed-whacking but is smart enough to stay out of the way.

When I’m engrossed in some task, he still hangs around nearby but Cat has no trouble entertaining himself.  He’s an excellent hunter and avid student of burdock and butterflies. Then, when it’s time to head out, Cat comes running when I call and hitches a ride back to his home base.

I wish I had more two-legged friends like Cat – he’s the best kind of company.

Some cat, indeed…

10 thoughts on “some cat…

  1. Lovely post. What is Cat engrossed with in the bucket? I too have a cat who supervises me for the round of morning chores and keeps me company while weeding. She is an amazing hunter, and yesterday laid out three dead bodies for my inpsection (by the door to the house, where visitors might step on them, of course) – a vole, a rat and part of a rabbit.

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