spicy pumpkin bean soup

You can’t blame Pumpkin; it isn’t her fault. She wears out her welcome so soon with me every year not due to her own tiresomeness, but because people insist that fall Pumpkin must  be seasoned with sage, cinnamon & clove, brown sugar and holy sweet tooth – nuts and marshmallows.

‘Tis the season and all that jazz.

So, working my way through pumpkinpalooza 2012, I stumbled upon this recipe from Local Kitchen and my ears perked right up. Pumpkin & White Bean Ravioli. With not a micro-whiff of cinnamon or clove.

I needed another savory pumpkin recipe and this combination of roast pumpkin, white beans, leeks, garlic & fresh parsley was already inspired; add chèvre? Sold.

What I wasn’t sold on is the ravioli part. Oh, I don’t object in principle one bit – it’s an awesome idea.  I’m rejecting ravioli today on account of I’m not in the mood. For making it that is. Send some over and I’ll happily gobble it up, but making it is just too much fussery for me today. Today, I’m in need of quick & dirty, rough & ready. Delicious would be nice, but I’m prepared to do without today if I have to.

Every series of pumpkin posts has a creamy, spiced-up soup recipe or two –  I think it’s a law or something.  I have never, not once, never-ever made one single one of those fall soup recipes.  I am just not a fan of squash, pumpkin and/or curry soups.

I was prepared to be pretty happy with tolerable just so I could scratch it off the list… but the flavors in those ravioli were the kind that could make pumpkin soup something I might actually enjoy. So, I married the ravioli recipe to this this spicy white chili Kristen Swensson (of Cheap, Healthy, Good Blog fame) posted on Serious Eats. I’m feeling kind of hopeful…

Don’t you love it when you expect little to nothing and end up hitting the jackpot?  I really, really, really like this soup. I will be making it again – it is now part of my official winter soup rotation. Did I tell you I liked this soup?

I admit I did not expect this to be true, but pumpkin juice is a delicious and useful stock. I thought it was going to be too saccharine, but no. It has just the right amount of subtle, rich pumpkin flavor without any cloying sweetness. The roasted pepper and white beans were all the balance needed, and I tossed in a heel of Pecorino for good measure.

So, next time you find yourself in need of an idea for using up the liquid drained from the puree of 24 pumpkins, here you go.  You don’t have to thank me. And, if you don’t have the pumpkin juice, don’t worry. Chicken stock will be just as good. I promise I won’t ask you if you made it yourself…

The printable recipe is here.

Of course, you could just mix your pumpkin juice with bourbon and maple syrup instead and call it a happy day… you’ll have to invent that recipe yourself.

Be sure to come back and let us know how it goes…

3 thoughts on “spicy pumpkin bean soup

  1. Yay! So glad you found a way to love on the pumpkin. And, FYI, if you stocked away any red currants, I made a kick-ass currant & pumpkin juice preserve. Not at all sweet; just fantastic. One of these days I may actually write a blog post about it. :)

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