little hen leaves the nest


I don’t know where it goes, but time certainly does march on.  Seems like only yesterday I was belatedly introducing you to Little Hen who kind of got lost between the cracks of summer’s bull-ish adventures.

Little Hen’s mother Hannah is my oldest cow, pushing 18. She has been one baby making machine which will draw scorn from animal rights folk, but I had nothing to do with it.  You tell Hannah she’s not having babies anymore.


Hannah’s proud of her work and is determined to continue… she hasn’t a clue she’s no young hottie anymore though she’s long past cougar status. Hannah thinks pretty highly of her saggy self and can’t imagine any bull would disagree.

But, Hannah has reached the time where it’s harder for her to keep her weight up, so I’ve had to return her to grain rations – hay just doesn’t have enough calories to keep her looking her best. And, though Hannah hasn’t been making much milk for Little Hen anyway, even that needs to stop.

So, it’s time for Little Hen to graduate to juvie status with her sisters Beatrice and Suzette.  IMG_0677First day on her own Hen found the toastiest place to be: inside the hay ring, nestled on top of breakfast.

Hen’s older sister Bess knows this move well – she’d be in there too, except that she’s too big & chubby to squeeze herself in there anymore.


Oh, Little Hen. She’s one smart chick…

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