in response to unspeakable tragedy…

Since we live in a society where commentary on every nuance of every single thing has become pretty exhausting, it’s inevitable that want to or not, we have seen hash after rehash of the horror of the shooting of  20 young students and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

In contrast, rather than throw in with another opinion, I think a moment of silent reflection would be a fitful response.

That, and this:

three days of love


What’s this you ask?

It’s a pledge to commit to share words and actions of love on December 20, 21 & 22.  You can upload photos and videos, share with friends and vote for your favorite submissions. Your submissions will be shared on a live global broadcast.

Many of the spiritual leaders of our time – Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz and  Deepak Chopra to name just a few are already participating – how about you?

Will you commit to make such a small personal effort with the potential to mean so much?

And, I suppose I lied about the moment of silence bit because guess what?  I have a couple of things to say:

1. Don’t forget the first responders in your thoughts & prayers because they will be scarred forever by the job they had to do.

2. In the wake of random acts of violence, let’s not forget to commit random acts of kindness.

3. Let’s not focus our attentions on the gunman, but instead on healing for the victims’ families and the acts of heroism and kindness.

A moment of blessed silence for all those darkened by this event…

5 thoughts on “in response to unspeakable tragedy…

  1. Thank you for your post—it has definitely hit home for me. I’ve had to tune out the news broadcasts at this point in order to channel my thoughts away from the constant frenzy put out by the media. Instead I’ve chosen to reflect and take time to process the tragedy on my own. Your post is a great idea–I will be participating.

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