ten tips to turn fuzzy “eat better” resolutions into reality


Did you resolve to make this the year you started to eat more wholesome foods? Are you planning to learn to make bread, start a garden, can & preserve, purchase meat direct from farmers, tackle home dairy or fermenting projects?


I have a complicated love/hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s taken me a long time to realize that making a long list of bloated “shoulds” that truth-be-told I really don’t want to do is kind of a negative way to spend my time. 

I figure if I have to feel bad about myself, it should be about something that really means something to me, so I make sure that when I set a resolution, it’s not just chatter about things I think I’m supposed to want to do but know I never will.

Did you made a resolution to eat better in 2013?  

If so, I’m going against the grain and telling you this; don’t make it an official Capital-R Resolution unless you really, truly mean it.

And, if you do really, truly mean it, come on over to Spain in Iowa with me to start turning that fuzzy idea into a real plan of action. 

Come ON

4 thoughts on “ten tips to turn fuzzy “eat better” resolutions into reality

  1. The left photo looks like foie gras and I thought, “Cool, that is good eating.”

    But I am guessing it is wholesome home-baked bread. Which goes well toasted with foie gras. :-)

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