hello, hello, hel-lo

Have you missed us?  I’ve been rushing around like a crazy woman and have a million things to tell you about.  I suppose it doesn’t really count as blogging if everything is all in my head where you can’t read it  – does it?

Anyway,  I’ve got lots of news to share, but this is the most exciting.

iPhone 007

As always there are so many things to be grateful for. Eight of them to be specific; three bulls and five heifers.

These Ladies are such champs. Each calf was delivered without any help from me; babies were born, cleaned & dried, fed and tucked in for naps by their sweet mothers.

iPhone 128

Even first timers Saralee, Regina and Hannabelle knew exactly what to do.  How do they know??

Another mystery, but thank goodness for that.

iPhone 177

So now, evenings are filled with little ones zooming left and right, up and down hillsides and chasing each other around the bushes. Tails flagging, tongues lolling, eyes wild, these kids are happily discovering all the amazing things the world has to offer.

So far, so good.

iPhone 179

What gifts of spring are you appreciating most?

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