happy day dads: Ellis wants to have a word with you…


24/7:  Ellis at work prowling & growling


On this special day for Dads everywhere, wouldn’t it be great if you could do what you really wanted instead of what you’re supposed to?

Ellis wants me to tell you to go for it. He doesn’t think you should be bothered with showering, shaving, wiping your mouth, wearing pants or eating anything that sounds, smells or tastes healthy.  In fact, he highly recommends chewing with your mouth open and cleaning your nose with your tongue.

Ellis says you should drink all the beer you like, burp as loud as you want in front of whoever you please, and don’t worry about keeping it clean. He didn’t say whether he was talking about your language or your person on the clean part…

Nothing surprising about this advice from the biggest oaf I know.  But,  I can’t deny he is successful and he’s completely happy with his unpolished self, so who am I to judge?

It looks like I’m the one with a problem, not Ellis.


Ellis at work: Meet some of The class of 2013


Ellis has sired some really beautiful, healthy and happy kids here this spring. I’m so pleased with His Royal Oafishness I’ve signed him on for another year.  Is it because I’m used to him, have grown fond of him, or is it because holy growling locomotive, how will I ever get him out of here?

You’ll have to come to your own conclusion about that.


Why ellis, how many legs you have…



Well, what do you know? It’s fritz & Kiddle hiding behind the old curmedgeon


Okay Dads, Ellis has spoken. But can I just share a little secret Ellis would never want you to know? He’s actually a bit soft.  Like a big, jaggedy marshmallow, guess who the little guys go to for comfort and safety?

That’s right, The Destroyer.

Imagine that. Apparently he has a heart after all.

Happy Day Dads!  How does your family celebrate Father’s Day?

10 thoughts on “happy day dads: Ellis wants to have a word with you…

  1. Ellis and his lessons! Love it. My kids heard the video and came running to see “what trailer” I was watching! Ha! it’s Ellis.

  2. I’ll be honest, I’m a little surprised… I think it might not be just Ellis that “has a heart after all”! :) After all that bull has turned upside down or put a hole in, he must be a very special Dad to keep him around for another year!!

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