snow day


Don’t ask me what she’s doing – she has an inside to go to.

This is Bess.  You know Bess.  She’s the cutie at the top of my blog every time you visit.  Hard to believe, time certainly flies.  Today Bess is a goofy mother-to-be, and a carbon copy of her eccentric mother Bling.

Yesterday during the snow storm I had to deliver fresh hay to the Ladies. Lots of it.  They’re hoovering through their hay twice as fast as usual and the streams are all frozen so it’s been a bit rugged around here.

Thankful for small blessings like tractors that start, hot running water and new hay bales not coated in a one-inch-thick crust I have to chip open (Note to self: devote a post to that muscle-soring ridiculousness), I round the corner and this is what I see:


What?? Are you kidding me?

IMG_2586Whew! All is fine, just a little nutty.


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6 thoughts on “snow day

  1. I’m always fascinated by how the earth and the climate affects farmers in very real ways, when so many are completely insulated from the rules of nature. For most of us, it’s driving slower, maybe keeping the kids home, but in the grand scheme of things that’s nothing. Stay warm. Stay safe. That goes for the cows too.

    1. Amazingly insulated. Thanks Jake, you too.

      Cows are amazingly accepting of the present. They get a little wild eyed when it’s REALLY REALLY miserable or the food/water looks scarce, but for the most part, they wait it out never doubting that this too shall pass.

    1. The cows usually prefer to be outside until it’s wet, icy and/or windy. That early morning, the snow had just started, so the cows were still sleepy and hadn’t really noticed the change.

      Ground-level is surprisingly warm on a pile of dry hay.

      You’d sure hate Pennsylvania now Tammy…

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