crazy talk: blame it on the green corn moon

Green Corn Moon-Suki & Strawberry

Strawberry Moon gets her bath under the rising Green Corn Moon

Monday Moo-sings…

Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project widened my perspective with this thought-provoking paradox:  the opposite of a great truth is also true.  Take a minute, read it again, and chew on it for a while. It’s true, though we don’t care to acknowledge such a horrible possibility. That means we would be wrong (bawk!) even when we’re right! (bawk! bawk!!)

But Nature doesn’t care if we like her truths or not.  She’s not taking sides – she’s more Switzerland than Switzerland.

Unhampered with confusing conflicts like ego, emotional attachment or sentiment,  Nature couldn’t care less who has the higher moral ground. She’s hard at work making sure no space is unoccupied. What does Nature abhor? A vacuum, that’s right.

There is no single solution, explanation or reason for any of the world’s major quandaries.  Today’s issues are thick, tangled, juicy and complex like Nature herself. Yet, ever so simple. Nature isn’t about the individual at all. She is busy keeping on keeping on.

Nature doesn’t care if you are kind, deserving or bursting with character and integrity. If you can’t get the job done, no matter. Someone will. It’s a basic matter of usefulness and stark consequence with Her– no place for emotional attachment.

Ever vigilant, Nature keeps a relentless, steady, never-resting pace, marching on and on to No Place in Particular.

Nature’s lunch isn’t spoiled by horse slaughter, human trafficking, mountains of plastic or Banksy’s Meat Truck. Starving children? Yawn. You humans are so amusing.

It’s up to us to do the caring. Or not, Nature doesn’t mind if we don’t.  Whatever we do, she won’t be left empty-handed. Cockroaches, rats and a reptile or two will be just fine.

See? I told you full moons make us crazy…

2 thoughts on “crazy talk: blame it on the green corn moon

    1. Thanks Brittany for the feedback. I’m updating the site and really haven’t got it all nailed down. Not much time for this sort of thing at the moment, but I agree, I don’t like partial posts pages either.

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