that bittersweet day is here – beef sales


It’s been a dark and stormy month…

Oh boy. Where to begin?  Such a very, very bad blogger I’ve been.

The type of farm I find so inspiring is one that requires many helping hands. Yet most days here, it’s just me, myself and I.  I’m trying to do the jobs of the Farmer, the Wife, the kids and the hired hand all by myself while working off farm and dealing with a shoestring budget.

So far we’ve managed to crawl along, but after this harsh winter and my scrappy new projects, the blog got squashed to the bottom of the pile.

Which is a shame, because the blog has always been one of my very favorite projects. Unfortunately the fast-food semi-mindlessness of Facebook has gobbled up the more demanding time spent writing. Which is about to end.

Don’t tell Facebook, but we’re about to break up.

So what’s been happening? Well. Much, and nothing.  The weather has been really tough on infrastructure like roads and fencing. And baling hay in peak condition.

There’s lots and lots of posts about chickens, turkeys, pigs and food stuffed into my head but I’ll resist the temptation to spew it all on you in one long, windy, run-away post.

Just get ready though because I’m about to try really hard to get back on my regular blogging schedule.

Today what I have to tell you about is beef. It’s time to take reservations for the beef steers.   We are a very small farm and beef supplies are always strictly seasonal and limited in quantity. 

I’m the first to say it –  our beef is not cheap. And, it’s not the most expensive either. It is my greatest wish to not be an exclusive, foodie product.  But, it is a fact that small-scale farming without subsidy or corner-cutting is a fiscal challenge.

Why? Because raising quality beef on an all grass diet takes time. Flavor and finish can’t be rushed or standardized on grass.  And, we only sell our own Devon cattle, born &  raised right here, so when we’re sold out, there’s no more until next year.

This year’s beeves are hefty, well muscled  and getting chubbier each day on summer’s  grass. Of course I’m guesstimating, but hanging weight should range between 550 – 650 pounds.

While national and local beef prices have steadily climbed, our price will remain  $4.50/lb hanging weight.  Cut and vacuum pack is an additional .53/lb hanging weight with  smoking and sausage available for a bit more**.

Average price estimate for a whole steer, cut to your specifications, wrapped in freezer paper and flash frozen:

550 lbs @  $4.50/lb = 2,475 + $292 processing (.53/lb hanging) =  $2,767

You have the option of either a mixed quarter, a half (side), or whole. Individual cuts are available for on farm pickup, or at FitAmerica on Perry Highway in the North Hills.   

Our steers will be processed by Whiting’s Family Foods in New Wilmington, PA. The beef will be aged for two weeks, cut to your specifications, wrapped, flash frozen and will be ready for pick-up at Whiting’s store.

If you have additional questions, feel free to call or email for clarification. I’m sincerely grateful for your interest in healthier foods and farms.  We have no secrets here and welcome your questions. If you’d like to read more about our cattle and our process, read our Beef Faqs here

We’re counting on the fact that humanely raised beef is as important to you as it is to us.

Okay, thanks for the commercial intrusion, back to our previously scheduled programming.  How’s your summer going so far?

9 thoughts on “that bittersweet day is here – beef sales

  1. I live in Ohio, but am very interested in purchasing a side of beef. Please let me know deposit required or if preferred I am willing to pay in full based upon estimated weight with final balancing after processing. I can be reached via email or phone at xxxx. Thank you.

    Tim Smith

  2. Hi Jackie,

    I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and am a bit giddy over this last email from you, because yes, we’d like to have some of your exceptional beef on our table as soon as possible!

    First, I have a few questions because this is our first beef share purchase (tried a hog last year) as well as our first purchase from you. 1. Please tell me what the prices for Quarters and Halves are – I can do the math at $4.50/lb, but perhaps the price changes for the smaller shares, and is there a processing fee for smaller shares? 2. Also, what is the distribution of cuts? How many roasts, steaks, pounds of burger, etc. I don’t know what the range of my “preferences” would be. I apologize in advance if this is something I should have found on your website. 3. I live in Pittsburgh; any chance that you drop off shipments close to here, or do we drive to Middlesex to pick up? I’m pretty sure it’s the latter, so what’s the window of opportunity for pick up?

    Thanks for your time – both in the field and at the computer.


  3. Hello,

    Do you still have cows available for reservation? I am interested in a whole cow. Talk to you soon

    Thanks, John

  4. Hi. This is my 1st farm-direct purchase. couple questions. Do you accept the Ohio Direction Card? If yes, Like to place 1/2 or 1/4 order, asap.

    1. Thanks Dave for your interest, but the beef is all spoken for. I take reservations in the summer for October/November beef. If you’d like to be on my notification list for new products, you can sign up under the contact form. Thanks again, Jackie

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