Danger Zone – Valentine Temptation

Oh la la – Meyer Lemon Dacquoise

If you’ve been sticking to your clean eating resolutions, Valentine’s Day is a bit dangerous.

The timing is delicate – after behaving through January and half of February, you’re itching to go rogue at the buffet – and the forbidden Valentine temptations are beautiful, decadent, and EVERYWHERE!

So, take the bull by the horns, take some action and DIY. Here’s two options that hit all the Valentine oohs and aaas yet still remain reasonably light and healthy. You can easily go fully gluten free too.

I snitched my original idea from a book I’ve been enjoying, The Good Egg by Marie Simmons. Since I raise pastured hens, I am always looking for new ways to showcase their amazing eggs, and while the topic of pickled eggs was disappointingly absent, there are tons of great ideas and amazing desserts.

Shiny, stiff merengue amazes me every time.

If you are looking for good ways to eat better food inexpensively, free range eggs are an inexpensive protein that does not disappoint.

One recipe in particular caught my fancy; Dacquoise. I mean, fancy french name, little or no processed flour? SOLD.

I had not heard of Dacquoise before, though her fancy cousin Pavlova has long been a favorite of mine. I ended up using a different recipe, but thank the Good Egg for clueing me in to the whole category, which will be a regular around here.

So, I give you two impressive Valentine options, from bakers more skilled and much better prepared than myself.

First, a charming Dacquoise from The Little French Bakery. This is clearly the less healthful of the two desserts, but let me just say FRENCH BUTTERCREAM. I used my own lemon syrup in place of the coffee syrup, you can use maple too, though I’m sure this coffee version is delicious. And do not be frightened by the talk of piping icing – I just plopped it on and spread it and it was perfectly fine and fancy.

Then, a Pavlova from the Queen herself, Martha. This one topped with fruit is very light and pretty.  Your friends will still be impressed and appreciate a healthier option.

Okay, you know what to do. Hopefully there is a delightful Valentine waiting somewhere in your day… if not, FRENCH BUTTERCREAM!

How do you handle Valentine’s Day dessert temptation?

2 thoughts on “Danger Zone – Valentine Temptation

    1. Mmmm. I cannot recommend my Meyer Lemon box from LemonLadies Orchards highly enough. They tucked in some fresh bay leaves too that were amazing… nothing like the dried leaves in jars I can get at the Pennsylvania grocery store…

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