GROUND HOG day giveaway

Tomorrow is GROUND HOG DAY, which means we celebrate the joys of ground pork, am I right?


It’s pretty hard to beat the basic. Italian sausage, sweet or hot, sautéed with some onions and peppers. Tomato sauce or not, easy, dependable and never gets old.

Take a little care in the preparation of your sausages, start with a nice browning, then finish by putting a bit of water into the pan, lowering the temp and covering to simmer.  When the sausages are cooked through, remove them to a plate, bring your pan liquid to a simmer adding more liquid if needed – chicken stock, wine, beer, apple juice are all good. Simmer until you’ve got a nice, syrupy consistency that pleases you, then add a pat of butter. Spoon the sauce over the sausages and serve with something starchy or sautéed cabbage to put that delicious sauce to work.

Love me some pan sauces.  ♥  Sorry they didn’t make it into the photo, lol. 


Here’s a pretty awesome favorite, a Canadian meat pie, Tourtière.

I guarantee that unless your friends are from Canada, you will be the only person bringing this to potluck. It’s made with ground beef and pork, but you can go straight ground pork too. Not overly spicy, but a savory seasoning that will keep you sneaking back to nick off just another bite, and an old world lard hot water crust. I basically followed this recipe from King Arthur Flour’s handy baking book.



These chubby little Scotch pies are pleasing to the eye, easy to make and serve, and travel well.

Seriously, with hand pies like this part of the culinary history of every country in the world, how DID McDonald’s ever happen?  Here’s the recipe from Mother Earth News Magazine, who lifted it from Angela Boggiano’s great book Pie. If you are a student of great pie, I highly recommend the book.



And this may be one of my favorite ways to enjoy ground pork, period. Light pork meatballs, flavored with fresh herbs and poached in homemade chicken stock with greens is nothing but light, healthy and delicious.  

This idea came from one of my very favorite cookbook authors, Nigel Slater.  I am a lover of fresh herbs and bright, fresh, green accompaniments with meat, and poaching them in broth is a brilliant way to make them tender, aromatic and comforting.

Okay,  here’s the contest part:  

Post your own favorite sausage or ground pork recipe in the comments, and the one with the most likes wins a free package of ground pork or sausage.  Pittsburgh and Auburn Meadow Farm locals only, but non-locals, feel free to throw in and if you win, I’ll gift your win to a local needy family. 

By the way, entries are being collected from comments here on the blog, our Auburn Meadow Farm Virtual Farmstead Facebook group, and Instagram.  FYI, if you really want to win,  I’m thinking your best chances are prolly Facebook or Instagram. 

Ready, set, go! Show us your best GROUND HOG tricks. 

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