Hello, I’m Jackie & this is the one and only Beatrice!

I wasn’t born in a barn.

Or raised on a farm.  I didn’t even have a farm granny who made awesome Sunday suppers. I’m a suburbanite who after learning more and more about food and farming, couldn’t take it anymore.

So I decided to do everyone a favor and get mad for all of us.  And then I did something you would probably say is a little crazy. I left my suburban world and bought a herd of old-fashioned cattle and a small farm. And you may be right – only time will tell just how crazy I am.

Why You Need Small Farms

You know you should be paying more attention to what you’re eating, but you just can’t force yourself to sit down and map out change.  You feel a twinge of guilt in the drive-through but you’re there anyway because the thought of going home, figuring out what to make and then making it sounds like an overwhelming amount of work.

All those complicated food labels and conflicting, confusing articles and stories about what’s good to eat, what’s bad to eat and this vitamin this, that fat that, are wearing you out.  And don’t even mention all those stories about killer cantaloupe, salmonella eggs and pigs forced to live in tiny crates…

Someone has to do it. Show it’s possible to raise better food and and preserve alternatives to Big Food and Big Ag.  So I did.  Now, when I show you the popcorn, I’m counting on you to do your part and pick up the trail… otherwise we’ve simply given up.

Why Auburn Meadow Farm

Well, first I want to share great food with you, beginning with our special pastured Devon beef, heritage breed pork and pastured chicken & eggs.  But, I also want to help by bringing clarity, stories, tips, conversation and special mouth-watering treats to eat.

My entire focus is to help you give the false shortcut of highly processed foods the boot without slowing you down or over-complicating your life.  I’ve already struggled through changes in my shopping habits, getting used to new ways of stocking the pantry, feeding the pets, and switching to new daily food ways.  I want to make things easier for you by sharing tips & tricks I’ve  learned the hard way so you can get there faster.

Animal welfare is my very highest priority. Closely followed by deliciousness.  I raise old fashioned breeds not because they are unusual, but because they are hardy and practical and perfectly suited to pastured life. I allow them to take their time maturing living happy, natural, free lives and eating the foods they naturally eat.

We take no shortcuts and have no need for additives like antibiotics and growth hormones.

The result is flavorful, juicy and memorable. Unlike anything you can buy in the big-box grocery store.  Like everything here, I do it small and with great care. And, when it’s gone it’s gone.

Beef – I have a limited amount of humanely raised, grass-fed pastured Devon Beef available each year. It’s first come, first serve and when it’s gone, it’s gone until next year.

Pork – amazingly succulent pork from old-fashioned British orchard pigs called Gloucestershire Old Spots. The pigs are charming and hardy and the pork is juicy, buttery and delicious. Pork is available several times throughout the year.

Pastured Chicken & Eggs – I favor the breeds popular in the early 1900’s. They were modern enough to be useful in early commercial poultry farms, and provide the genetic backbone for today’s super-charged CAFO chickens, yet still retain their hardiness and foraging ability. Currently we have Plymouth Rocks, White Rocks, Buff Orpington and Rhode Island Reds.

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The purpose of this farm is not to feed the world. The world is capable of feeding itself. Truly.  Auburn Meadow Farm is here to help you feed your family in a way that’s tastier and healthier. Maybe you don’t know yet how enjoyable and empowering it is to eat real food.  We’re here to help put that right.

The main thing you need to know about us is this: this is not just a business or a job for us. It’s a missionA calling. It means a lot to me.  And I’m counting on the fact that it’s going to mean a lot to you too.

I’m no holier-than-thou foodie. I’m not perfect either.  I just want to share with you what a pleasure and a joy real food brings to your life.  And how empowering it is to know you have choices.

You can do it.  You do have time.  And good food is so worthwhile.

Will you join us?

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