Our small farm in Western Pennsylvania is home to a happy herd of old-fashioned cattle

When was the last time you had a memorable steak?

I’m talking beefier beef so flavorful & rich, so tender & juicy, rubs, marinades & sauces would be criminal.  You’d like to have some of that wouldn’t you?

Why is a steak like that such a rarity? There’s no shortage of cows, that’s for sure. What makes one steak so-so and another deeply flavorful?

Well, lots of things actually.  How long the calves stayed with their mothers, the quality of soil & pastures the cows grazed, what the cows ate, how stress-free their lives were, and how the meat was handled after processing.  And, very important, how old the cows were and what breed.

You see, some cows just aren’t going to make great steaks no matter how much they’re coddled or what they’re fed.  The secret’s out: grass-fed beef tastes best. The tricky part is that grass-fed beef can also be the worst.

Did you know old-fashioned, un-“improved”  British breeds of cattle make the best grass-fed beef?  It’s true.  And cows don’t come any more old-fashioned or British than ours.

Isn’t it great when you can enjoy your beef and know the cow never saw a feed lot or auction barn and enjoyed happy, stress-free days grazing spacious pastures with  calf-hood friends?

Our cows eat all the grass they want, mostly grown right here at home. We don’t use pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial growth hormones or needless antibiotics. We let our slow-growing steer take their sweet time developing naturally into well muscled, fully fattened, beautifully finished beef.

We are small, and plan to stay that way. We will only keep as many cows as our land can support without artificial inputs. That makes our beef a limited yearly treat. When it’s gone, it’s gone until next year. Want to know more about our beef? Check out our Beef FAQS here.

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Sharing these one-of-a-kind forgotten food pleasures makes us happy. Eating our beef will make you happy.  Contact us today so we can reserve some special beef for you.