Whole Hog Party – faqs



I have been asked to explain what is included in the boxes your guests take home from a Whole Hog Party, which is a big part of what we will be discussing at the event. But understandably, you would like to know how much meat to expect beforehand.  

Part of the experience of buying directly from farmers is the guesstimating and percentages that necessarily is part of the process. 

The price for these events is my best price ever, as I am selling you the hog at a flat fee, all butcher fees included. It is already deeply discounted;  add in the lunch, and the learning, and it is a bargain for a heritage breed, pastured hog – about $5.50/lb including lunch and learn. 

This is a limited time program. Once my current hogs are gone, pricing will be returned to the usual price based on hanging weight, you pay butcher fees, and pick up your meat. Note to experienced whole-hoggers: if you just want the pork, and not the gathering, you can have the same $800 price while supplies last. 

A standard order includes smoked bacon and ham, but if you wish to go completely nitrate and/or sugar-free, I can do fresh hams and fresh belly.  Custom cut of your party hog is possible, or you can just go with butcher’s choice (recommended). 

You really can’t make a mistake, all the cuts are multi-purpose, and cooking your way through a share is really the only way to fine-tune your future ordering preferences.  I am not looking to challenge you with cheffy or weird items you will not use in your everyday cooking, but instead to make the process as friendly and simple as possible.

We will talk about the odd bits and ways to get more out of your hog, and lunch will be something simple that strikes my fancy, likely using ham or pulled pork, and give your guests an opportunity to ask me anything they like about the hogs, buying direct from farmers,  and the process.  No worries though, I am not coming to challenge you or talk about unpleasantries, this is a very positive and enjoyable gathering. 

The meats will be divided as equally as possible, estimating about 18 – 20 pounds per box, assuming eight people. The number is up to you though, eight is not a requirement, just a recommendation. Fewer people means each person pays more, and takes home more meat. 


A typical box would include: 

4 – 6  1-inch thick pork chops

2# ground pork in one pound packages

2 packages soup bones (best tomato sauce ever)

small container lard

2 pork steaks (smaller share of pork shoulder roast)

2 packages sliced bacon

Your host box will include the spareribs, and some extra accompanying local goodies. 


18 – 20 pounds of meat will fill two to three standard plastic grocery bags, and without large bulky roasts, will fit easily into a standard refrigerator freezer. The meat is wrapped to stay fresh for up to a year, assuming you handle it with care.

I use two different butchers, and they each have their ways, so the meat will either be vacuum packed, or double wrapped – first in plastic, then in freezer paper. Both butchers do traditional cured and smoked bacon and ham, so if you require sugar or nitrate free, we can go with fresh belly and hams. 

Lastly, the scheduling of the event does require some coordination with the butchers. Expect about three to four weeks from booking the event to the actual event. Occasionally, if I happen to have a whole hog in my inventory, I can do one short notice. We can discuss these options when you book. 

Hopefully that helps clarify a bit more, this is a winter thing, and amazingly, winter will be over soon, so let’s do it!