about reserving beef boxes


A beef box is our best price of the year for our 100% grass fed & finished Devon beef.

Each box is twenty pounds of dry-aged ground steakburger, and two steaks for a flat $5.00/lb, all butchering fees included. The steaks are not our best, but are tasty and good everyday filets and Delmonico. Each box is between $110 – 120, depending upon the size of the steaks, and if optional roasts are selected.

If you are interested in reserving a beef box, I require reservation forms for the purpose of tracking the date of your order, your detailed contact information, and any extras you wish to include with your order, and to ensure you have all the details you need about the process and product.

I do require a deposit,  for the sole reason that the butcher must be paid whether you follow through with your order or not, and storage must be found for any boxes not picked up.

So, to receive a form, here is a link.  Please make sure to comment or contact me via the contact form on this website to let me know you are doing this, and to expect your form.

Hopefully this is one step closer to seamless professionalism.  I can always dream, right? I have yet to see where technology is saving me time,  but I am trying my best to not slip into digital oblivion.

Stay warm friends, and again, thank you so much for your interest in our work.