Like a Tupperware party, but pork…

Whole Hog Party


I am not at all shy about my mission to help you bring well raised, local meats into your kitchens. 

I know you have a lot of fears and unanswered questions about buying pastured meats direct from farmers, and often farmers and butchers are not really helpful in their willingness to answer questions in detail. 

I would love to invite you to a fun, pressure-free learning opportunity giving you the chance to ask whatever you want about the animals and process. It’s a great way for me to allow you the opportunity of tasting the difference, learn ways you can get the most value from your purchase, and take advantage of the cost savings of buying a whole animal, without having to pay for or store a whole animal. 

Having worked the learning curve first as a consumer, then as a producer, there are so many ways to improve the healthfulness, flavor and affordability of our meat choices, and you almost never read about them in the magazines, or see them advertised in your supermarket.

So, I have mapped out a Whole Hog Party for you. 

Think of it as a kind of Tupperware party, but with no pressure on your friends, good food, and everyone goes home with a box of locally raised, heritage breed, pastured pork and extras. 

Guests enjoy the bulk price for our pork, but do not have to bear the burden of the quantity or up-front cost alone. 


How the Whole Hog Party works:

Gather a group of up to 8 (don’t get hung up on this number, it’s an ideal, not a requirement).  This is the number by which the cuts of the hog, and the fee, are divided. Smaller number, bigger pork box, and vice versa.

I bring lunch, recipes, pork shares and extras to your home, church kitchen, office or community center. Time frame is adaptable for office visits, but figure about two hours for home or recreational events. 

If you want to host an Experience, but aren’t sure of where to do it, ask, and I may be able to help find a suitable place. Kitchen facilities are ideal, but the Experience can be adapted to other non kitchen-y spaces too. 

  1. Everyone gets an equal a share of the basics – chops, roasts, ground, ham, bacon
  2. Host receives a gift basket of farm products. 
  3. I show you how to capture the most value for your dollar by adapting your favorite recipes to use a variety of cuts, using all the parts you don’t know about, and maximizing the flavor of your cooking, while minimizing waste. All fun, nothing gross. 
  4. Note: I am not a butcher, though we will be talking about some very basic charcuterie options. The meat I will be bringing is cut, wrapped and flash frozen in the butcher’s freezers.   if you would like a butchery experience, check out Justin Severino’s hog butchery classes at Cure:
  5. I will share book recommendations, batch cooking strategies, ways to get more for your dollar, favorite tools and products, and address questions you have about any of it.
  6. Timing: If I have the pork already processed and on hand, I can schedule definitively, and on a short time frame.  If not,  – I am subject to the schedule of my processor. This is actually a big part of the learning experience, as processing availability is one of the unique challenges to building a local meat shed, and one that small producers need your support to address.  In this case, we will establish a range, and I will notify you as to the confirmed date for the drop off, and then confirm that the drop has been made. The event will then happen one to three weeks following, depending upon whether the butcher is doing smoked meats.

As always with everything we do at Auburn Meadow Farm, we are small, and supplies are limited. I sell only what I raise, and am just one person, so events are limited by the number of hogs available, and the number of off-farm hours I can manage. 

At the moment, (January 2019 in case I forget to update this later) we are all systems go, so let’s find a fun way to celebrate official nesting season.


Bookings are available beginning February. To discuss your event, email me here, inserting Whole Hog Party in the comments. 

At the time you book your Experience, I will schedule the hog for processing. The actual date of the gathering will be subject to the butcher’s schedule, and the pork will be ready typically two to four weeks after the processing date, depending upon whether the hams and bacons are smoked. 

If for some reason, you have a guest who commits but is unable to attend, the deposit is not refundable, but we can make other arrangements for them to receive their share. 

I am pretty excited to roll up my sleeves and get cooking with you, hopefully you feel the same way. Sharing good food is the best way I know to hygge up the darkest months of winter, right? 

Like the idea, but not for you? Help us out by spreading the word… please share with your like-minded friends.