a heartbreaking work of staggering genius


In my dreams I write titles like that.  But alas, I’m awake and I have to credit the real genius, Dave Eggers. Who is a very impressive human being – I had forgotten what a fan I was/am until this title popped into my head.

Why, out of nowhere, under this big, bright, bluest of skies did I think of Dave Eggers?  Because of my own work of staggering genius this morning, that’s why.

I’m a little confused by the roller-coaster weather reports followed by the roller-coaster real-life weather that’s happening outside. Hurry up and hit it? Or wait a little longer?

This morning it appears I waited a bit too long. Or maybe not,  I don’t really know it would have made a difference. My farm doesn’t have much actual road frontage, and to get to the barn there is one long driveway that has definitely seen better gravel days.  The drive dips down from the road, then about a third of the way starts to climb with a sharp wooded drop down on the right, and up on the left.

It’s not really a steep climb. Visit on a dry day and you’d never give it a thought. It’s picturesque actually – I always did admire a meandering, tree-lined driveway.  But add some snow, rain and a good freeze and it can be an inescapable bowl.


But, stuff needed delivered & done, so I chanced it anyway. I came so close, but near the crest wheels started to spin and there was no denying it. Not gonna happen.

Backing up didn’t work out so well either. Hindsight and caution, why do you have to be so annoying? No fun to hoof it home, uphill all the way. But hey. I tried. Had it worked, it would have been perfect.

No guts, no glory, right?

Soup’s on, everybody’s fed and nobody died. Or escaped. So, I’ll take a minute, enjoy my lunch, pop some Advil, write to you then schlep back a little later when my head isn’t filled with self-loathing rage.


Don’t take this the wrong way Blue.  You’re one hardworking girl and I’m sincerely grateful to you. But today, it’s hard not to feel a little envy for my neighbor’s brand spanky new four wheel drive with power steering. 

Don’t like Western Pennsylvania’s winter weather?  Wait five minutes, isn’t that what they say?  They do say a lot. But one thing’s for sure – this too shall pass.  I’ve walked longer in worse…