neither this, nor that

Bling & Bess

Butting heads over food… it’s Bling & her daughter Bess

The world is filled with more polarities than I could ever actively care about all at once. You know that issue that gets your heart thumping with angry passion? I hate to tell you this, but that issue may leave me feeling kind of bleh. And, obviously, vice-versa.

Each issue is a spectrum – one view on the left, the other on the right. But what about all that empty space between the two? That space is anything but blank. Instead it’s filled with a gazillion gray areas cobbled together from bits of Left and parts of Right.

Hybrid solutions that suit perfectly every Cobbler who forged ahead his/her own way. In other words, the Doers of the world.

Scan my website or Facebook page and you may quickly decide I’m one of those detestable granola-eating tree huggers you hate so much. Nothing but a progress-slowing obstacle in the face of the American Dream.

Or, you may think I’m kind of a Freedom Fighter pushing back against The Man. Or something else altogether.

Guess what? Neither one is true. Or false. I’m just me, myself.  I’m living to seek my truth, not to press my truth on you. Maybe the fact that I share, or that I get excited about what I find makes you feel I judge those who think differently.

Not so. At all.

Somehow, our political branding has taught us to dislike “wafflers”. But common sense tells me to suspect anyone who is so rigid in their view that they are incapable of changing their mind. Over an entire career – are you kidding me?

How can you acknowledge validity of two opposed ideas at once and never change your view or waffle? Holding doubt isn’t weakness, it’s adult. The only way you feel no doubt is by refusing validity of one of those ideas. Which limits your world to one flat, partially informed dimension.

What’s all this existential navel gazing about?  Food, silly! Isn’t it obvious?

Food-with-a-capital-F is one more badge of status and judgement these days. We’re so quick to tell others what they should eat, what’s wrong with what they do eat and why they should eat what we eat.

Of course, I have lots to say about food. But, my thoughts about food are more broad than maybe you give me credit for. My passion is for food that tastes good, food that is simple, food that harms no one, nourishes me and simply brightens my day.

Food that’s HONEST. Because let’s face it – the real sand in the oyster isn’t which diet we follow, it’s how sincerely honest we’re willing to be about our habits.

How do I feel when you make me see something about myself I don’t like? Dislike. Not dislike for the reason, myself, but dislike for you, the mirror showing me such an unwelcome reflection. That’s when the fur begins to fly.  And the communication stops.

Bess & Bling

Bling & Bess can butt heads and still love each other. How ’bout a Vegan & a Paleo?


So friends, let’s judge not lest we be judged.    

What modern food issue is bugging you?