Cattle for Sale

Hello there.

My focus is preserving the triple-purpose standard of old-world style (Milking) Devon cattle.  I do not sell cull cows, these are all quality breeding stock.

These cows could not be more simple to care for and enjoy. I can manage nearly all handling tasks alone, including loading. They have no special feeding requirements, they thrive on ordinary grasses and will fatten on simple dry hay and plentiful minerals. They are extremely fertile, personable and require little veterinary care.

They are friendly, self-sufficient, entertaining and beautiful. They enjoy human company and given a  chance will become lifelong friends. They are also highly trainable, so take care what they learn from you. These are very intelligent, quick cattle – they will learn what you teach them so be sure to teach them helpful things.

About dehorning: While my experience has given me nothing more to fear from my horned cattle than from polled cattle,  I understand horns on a large animal can be a fearsome thing. However,  dehorning an adult cow is nasty business for the cow. If you cannot get past your fear of the horns but still want a Milking Devon, it’s best to purchase a young calf and dehorn while it’s still a minor procedure.

Fertility: So far I’ve maintained a very high rate of conception (natural cover) with most calves born within a three-week window. I hate to put this in writing just before calving season, but nearly all calves have been delivered completely unassisted. I recommend making sure your minerals are adequate to ensure healthy conception rates, easy calving and healthy calves. I also find that calves allowed free access to their mothers for at least six months are much more robust.

Breeding: I’m very committed to replenishing the Milking Devon breed so I have never bred my cows to anything but a Milking Devon Bull. I also do not breed my cows until they are two years old. These two practices have ensured that my calves have all been appropriately sized at birth and that the mothers are ready and able produce enough milk.

Handling:  I have not taken the time to halter train the cows. Not that it wouldn’t be nice, but I have not found it to be necessary – these girls will follow a treat anywhere. I take the time to acclimate the cows to being touched and handled, they all enjoy attention.  I am also very careful to not become overly familiar as spoiling them does not make for safe, pleasant animals.

Availability:  I almost always have something available that will suit your needs, experience level and facilities. Select from this year’s heifers, year-old heifers, bred two year old heifers and bred cows. I also typically have one or two young breeding-quality bulls as well. 

I find that often after speaking with you about your plans, I’ll be better able to suggest a couple good cows that will best suit your specific needs. Prices range from 1,500 to 3,500 depending upon degree of breed standard perfection, usefulness and age.